Worawa Aboriginal College provides a holistic education and boarding experience for  young Aboriginal women in the middle years of schooling (Years 7-10) who come from Aboriginal communities in urban regional and remote Australia.

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What’s new at Worawa…

The Worawa Way

The Worawa Way

Worawa Aboriginal College is unique as the sole Victorian Aboriginal school and the only Australian boarding school specifically catering for Aboriginal girls.
Presentation Day 2014

Presentation Day

On our Presentation Day we acknowledge and reward the achievement of our students and we extend an invitation to you to join with us in this celebration.

Debutante Dreaming

The Worawa version of a Debutante Ball may, at first glance look like any other. However, there are many essential differences. Our students spend time living together and sharing deeply about what it is to be a young Aboriginal women in today’s Australia.

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A highlight of Debutante Dreaming held on August 29, 2014.

Debutante Dreaming is a fusion of traditional Aboriginal ceremonial practice and Western tradition to honour our young women’s transition to adulthood – a rite of passage celebrated universally.